12 February 2008

don't be afraid, the clown's afraid too

Much excitement afoot here. To recap:

As promised, A-lister Tony Hoffer adroitly mixed our record over a couple of weeks last month. We were fortunate enough to conclude our year-long tour of LA's most historically significant studios at Ocean Way (formerly United), where Mr. Hoffer did his thing. The results of said thing were/are, y'know, transformational. Which is what tends to happen when a record gets mixed. Look for our picture in an upcoming issue of Mix magazine.

Then the golden platter was tossed down the hall to Ocean Way's in-house mastering guru Dr. Alan Yoshida, who masterfully (ahem) did his thing last week. Loose ends get tied up this week.

And of course, the record will be out this summer, more or less.

Then there's upcoming shows, promotional appearances, etc.:

(this) Saturday, Feb. 16 : 6th Street Warehouse, Downtown LA
w/ Crystal Antlers and some kinda "SPECJIAL GUEST"

Thursday, Feb. 21 : The Echo
A benefit for Manny Neito’s studio and Matt Crunk
w/ Helmet, Burning Brides, The Icarus Line, and Crystal Antlers !!!!!!!!!

Friday, Feb. 29 : Great American Music Hall, SF
as part of Noise Pop
w/ Cursive

Saturday, March 1 : Ghost Town Gallery, Oakland
w/ Fauna Valetta

March 13-16 : SXSW
details forthcoming!

Tumescently Yours,
Das Dudes


daniel said...

which one of you guys wrote this? i cant for the life of me figure out! but here's my guess: Andy's Rob's Beard!


Blake Monahan said...

Did i ever tell you guys that the cops beat me up after I filmed that footage at the knitting factory? I can't wait for the next pass through NYC...maybe this time I'll go to jail! :)

tarantulaLene said...

tell me if you want a show here in good ole s.a. while u r down for sxsw. i'll hook u up w/a place to crash this time (closer to downtown). :-)

daniel said...

play jiggers live via satelite for sxsw

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see you guys live - think about making a pass through St. Louis on your tour!! Wynnde

Xavier said...

Come back to San Francisco soon, I missed your Noise Pop performance!

What Duvet Said... said...


My name is Robert Celli and I am a freelance writer based in San Francisco. I'm interested in writing a piece on Darker My Love's "West Coast Residency" and your upcoming record release. I'm not sure who I should contact regarding this? I would really appreciate someone letting me know who best to contact? I am particularly interested in the cd for price of admission angle, as well as the split city residency. I am aiming to pitch this story to both SF Weekly and LA Weekly (as well as the Bay Guardian here in SF). I plan on seeing Darker My Love at the Rickshaw Stop on the 7/24 and would love to set up an interview with the band prior to the show with the article coming out around time of release. I am also curious about Another Planet Entertainment's involvement in these shows.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I Look Forward To Hearing Back From You Soon.

Thanks Again,
Robert Celli