09 August 2008

This is what we look like on Morning Becomes Eclectic

Set list:
1. Northern Soul
2. Blue Day
3. A Lovely Game (which is brand new and tentatively-titled)
4. Helium Heels
[ interview ]
5./6./7. All the Hurry & Wait / Waves / Talking Words
8. Two Ways Out
9. Little Hands (by Skip Spence)

Fun fact: This is the room in which Steely Dan recorded Can't Buy a Thrill, Countdown To Ecstasy, Pretzel Logic, Aja, and Gaucho. Among others. And now, this.


S said...

Alright, I know I comment on everything and it's probably somewhat annoying, but OMFG this is AWESOME, and I am now more psyched than before for September 13.

P.S. What was that third song played and where do I find a recorded version of it?

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you could post the full set list it would be great. Didn't recognize the cover you played at the end.

Darker My Dudes said...

good idea...

Luftwaffle said...

Zip zap where are all my corner pieces at?

KennyDoll77 said...

That was goddamned amazing.

And the Steely Dan bit a cherry on the Sundae.