20 January 2009

for the record!

Seems that there are a number of outposts of the interweb that purport to our whereabouts in the coming weeks in Europe with our friends Crystal Antlers. So, just to clear all that up: we ain't gonna be there. The straight story is that our record was supposed to come out over there in early February, but last month, our distributor suddenly went bankrupt. As in, all those records of theirs on the shelves - poof. This crumbling-economy rubbish knows no bounds, and here's another casualty, which affects a gazillion indie bands and labels of every stripe, and puts the kibosh in a lotta well-laid plans. Including ours. So yeah, the deal was that we were gonna go on this fabulous European vacation with those Crystal Antlers to coincide with the release and all. But now we're gonna wait to, y'know, take Europe by storm and whatnot when our record does come out over there. So, U.K., Europe, whoever had hopes to boogie with us over the next several weeks... just you wait.

yours mostly,
the dudes


Fleur said...

I will be waiting, I hope to see you guys soon in Amsterdam!
And I'm eagerly waiting for the album to come out over here, right now I still have to stream songs from your myspace :(

shiny things said...

i see you're going to be leaving the house next month. Hope you have plenty of warm clothing and snow tires!