24 October 2009


Dear Blog,

We are in Holland, or, the Netherlands, whatever the difference is. Conundrum: starting a month in Europe with three nights in Amsterdam, and realizing all you wanna do once you get there is sleep. Solution: get over it, lazy American.

Played in Eindhoven on Tuesday and Amsterdam on Wednesday and Rotterdam (aka Rotown) on Thursday. This whole opening-for-White-Lies thing means we're playing in front of packed theatres. Really nice ones, too. Like Paradiso in Amsterdam, an old church, ca. 1880. Stones played there, or something like that. Lots of teenagers, too, which is kinda culture shock for us. A girl on the front row asked for one of Jared's picks in Amsterdam. Hope she enjoys it.


impromptu wine-and-cheese picnic, Alkmaar centrum (cups by Subway)

Dan, at work in his fossil room, Haarlem (oil on canvas)

slightly racist chocolate bar

totally partied with these guys in Amsterdam. here they are reminding us we're awesome.

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Anonymous said...

guys, what about to Spain? come to Madrid!