14 January 2010

Greetings from the Tenderloin

Wildlife abounds in the Tenderloin National Forest. Literally, wild, wild life. Go outside - although rule no. 1 is don't go outside - and you're guaranteed an encounter. The native fauna is so approachable, it'll approach you:

"Which way ya headed?"
"Hey, I remember you. C'mere!"
"That your shoe?"
"Excuse me sir, can I use your phone?"

The answer is always no.


Julie, The Wife said...

Mmmm. The Tenderloin National Forest. I want to go in with a backpack of ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions.

And my answer will always be yes. Oh, yes.

Julie, ADayInTheWife.com

Esdee Kay said...

Your answer may always be no to these, but a smile can give something to remember you by instead.

Anonymous said...

Tenderloin forest - been there but not very impressed, prefer Yellowstone :)

<a href="http://nellys.info>Nelly Furtado</a>

Isabella said...

Ha - sounds dangerous. Good Luck.