22 March 2010

Singles Only

File under Hotelevision:
Singles Only, a production of Pima Community College, ca. 1984. 109 episodes of public access soap opera. If you're sleeping in Tucson, seek and its hideously beautiful cast will find you. Darker My Dudes is seeking the rights holder re: licensing and possible simultaneous series/VHS and too-good-to-be-true theme song/7" re-release.

Local investigative reporter/tabloid smear-queen Emerald Green (née Emmett Green), confronting Singles Only residents with closeted skeletons

not Jeffrey Dahmer

Starr. Not only does he look like an alien, turns out he is one too.

trying to lose her New York accent

"I like kids."

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Anonymous said...

Man I need my "Singles Only" fix - once tasted you'll be hooked!!! Where oh where can I find it!!
Beck x