26 April 2010

Down in Monterey

Everyone deserves a break and since William "Wilibald" Canzoneri does most of the heavy lifting around here, it seems about time for one of my bi-annual posts.

So the week before last we got a chance to spend some quality time with some very special people. At the time most of us were too disgruntled or agitated to realize how lucky we were.

We set out Thursday morning up the 101 freeway (good call Will) headed for Santa Cruz. There we were to meet and rehearse with Andrew Granelli. That's right. It was just like old times. The jokes flowed, the cymbals crashed, laughs ensued. After two practices, one interaction with the local cops, three boardwalk fastballs at 49 mph and three trips to Taco Bell, we headed down to Monterey for the fabled Sea Otter Classic.

We couldn't help but dream of John Phillips cruising up the coast in his Rolls-Royce getting ready for the Monterey Pop festival. Maybe tomorrow our show will be like that? Maybe Jared will light his guitar on fire? The future was wide open.

Down in Monterey
Down in Monterey:

We got to the Best Western, knocked off for a few hours and then our day started.
Sean Paul and Jessica showed up, and Jessica took these awsome photos.

Having a blast in the Sierra Nevada beer garden..

Jared looked sharp per usual...

Got time for a little game of catch?

Sean gives the signs to the pitcher...

The pitcher nodzzz yes...

Here's the pitch!


Emily was having fun (or, “what your mom looked like in 1972”)

Thanks Jessica!!!

Let's go home.

Stay tuned for info on the new record.


Anonymous said...

hell yes

would love some info on the new album

first single..

come to australia boys

Ashlie said...

i really have no idea who you guys are or how i stumbled across this blog, but i seriously enjoy reading what you guys put up. awesome. have fun!