20 May 2010


The new one. The one we've been promising for the last year. It's almost here. July 26 in the UK and Europe and August 17 in the U.S. It's called Alive As You Are and it looks like this:

1 Backseat
2 Split Minute
3 18th Street Shuffle
4 New America
5 Rain Party
6 Maple Day Getaway
7 Trail the Line
8 June Bloom
9 Dear Author
10 A Lovely Game
11 Cry on Me Woman

For something more immediately gratifying, go HERE (or click on the album cover) to download "Dear Author" for free! You'll be so happy. We are.


Anonymous said...

Sounding very sharp!

There is a free download of your 13th Floor Elevators cover available too on various sites, such as this one:-


Which is a thing of greatness.

ce said...

PLEASE come to Nashville. Music City! We need the flood relief!!

Nicholas Zettel said...

"Dear Author" is sweet...Really sharp sound! Sounds like the song "S.F. Sorrow" is missing.