11 July 2010

light flight


this was at like 10:30 p.m.

it's tough being the support band

seafaring, more or less

Irish Sea

Little John's buried here

the farm, Leighton Buzzard


Young Mick, Young Bono, Young Keith Moon, Young Sting, Fat John Martyn and 2/5 of Darker My Love have all rinsed their hands and dried them off on their trousers here.

photos by will


Anonymous said...

Excellent photos (as always).

Any plans for the Album launch yet? We're waiting......

Sheva said...

Will, your photography is beautiful. It would be great if you guys made a tour book comprising of all of your photography from the road with some notes, stories, etc.

Darker My Dudes said...

thanks. that crosses my mind every now and then, but I never can imagine that it'd be of any interest to anyone but us. maybe that'll change.

Sheva said...

Honestly, I think you'd be surprised.