16 September 2010

the results are in

Behold the fruits of our labor on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday! If you stick around long enough, you'll hear a brand new song called "Rain Down South," and another song that's not quite new but which you've probably never heard before.

Set list:
1. Backseat
2. Split Minute
3. New America
4. Maple Day Getaway
5. Trail the Line
6. Dear Author
7. Cry On Me Woman
8. Rain Down South
9. 'Tis a Great Art To Saunter
10. June Bloom

Seriously huge thanks to everyone there for having us in - they're so important to us, in fact, that they're the only broadcast entity to have their own keyword on this blog. It was a real joyous occasion for us, which we topped off with our first (!) trip to Canter's on Fairfax, which not only has Babe Ruth's favorite pickles, and is not only where Saul Hudson earned the nickname "Slash," but has the only reuben in town you can eat and not feel like a zeppelin after. Legend'ry.

And yes, Jason Bentley talks like that all the time.


Mark D. said...

The band sounds great. I was listening from work. Finally show the live broadcast on the blog. Righteous!

R. Huitt said...

The Rain Down South

in the future Alive As You Are will lead with that hit track and we lucky ones who have the original 1st issue can hold it over our Goldmine friends.

such great sound. what an incredible culmination to a revolution!

Tanqueray77 said...

Please come North to Portland. NExt Spring, hopefully?

Also, keep kicking ass. It looks good on ya...

Terri said...

You guys are TOO humble: you are fantastic singers, absolutely amazing musicians, and hard workers dedicated to making phenomenal music for us. Thank you for this!! Cheers & love, Terri

Brothers and Sisters dvd box set said...

sounds great!

Terri said...

Is it at all possible that the Nov 26 TBA is gonna be a headliner somewhere in NYC?!