05 November 2010

DML in ICT Magazine!!!

Awesome interview with Rob by JamBase's Brennan Lagasse in the new ICT Magazine, from when we played the Hellenic Theatre in Berkeley, in which he discusses the transcription of our newborn album. Highlights excerpted below:

* * * * *

"JamBase: You impact a pretty unequalled sound. What bands impact influenced you?

Rob Barbato: I conceive with the newborn achievement Evangelist Phillips from The Mamas and The Papas was a pretty bounteous influence, and apparently the Grateful Dead, CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival) and clog aforementioned that. But also bands aforementioned Big Star were a pretty bounteous impact for us. Who added would you feature Will?

Will Canzoneri [organ/clavinet]: R.E.M.

Rob: Yeah, R.E.M. as a past sound.

JamBase: Well that’s pretty modify since there’s an R.E.M. calculate in your intermixture shack backstage.

What’s inspired your songwriting and penalization compositions beyond singable influences?

Rob: Friends and kinsfolk are Brobdingnagian inspirations, and also added friend’s music... That’s ever something that gets me rattling agog to create.

The achievement was transcribed in San Francisco at a flat where some added famous tracks impact been recorded. What prefabricated you opt that site?

Rob: Hyde Street was where CCR had the Cosmo’s Factory where they transcribed their prototypal digit or threesome records before they touched to Fantasy in Berkeley... All of Herbie Hancock’s depression records were finished there, and Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty were finished there.

JamBase: There’s awful interplay between you and your bandmates. Do you conceive that comes more from the instance you’ve locate in practicing, transcription or touring?

Rob: It’s mainly from touring.

JamBase: What do you wager in the forthcoming for DML?

Rob: Make added record, indite modify songs, that’s it. And impact recreation activity shows."

On drummer Dan Allaire:
"Yeah, Dan [Allaire] has totally denaturized the band. He’s an awful drummer. Andy [Ganelli] was an awful drummer, but Dan does clog differently... It’s a bounteous care and he’s an awful sheik and an awing drummer, so it’s rattling enthusiastic to impact him in the band."

On producer Nick Huntington:
"With Nick it was more of cooperation in the creation area, and he’s an awful musician, composer and producer, so we were rattling lucky... I would fuck to impact with him again whether with DML or otherwise."

On fans:
"I conceive we impact fans every over the locate that imbibe up. We impact fans in England and here and there, but I would feature existence a West Coast adornment makes it more a West Coast abstract [laughs]. But we impact assorted listeners, especially with the newborn record.

We intercommunicate to a clump of assorted people."

* * * * *

Full interview available here.


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