09 August 2007

here is the information you requested, round two

We went back to Sunset Sound last week to re-record all our parts (just kidding! hahahaha!!!).
Actually, we recorded a second batch of songs, which gives us puhhh-lenty, which means get ready for some killer B-sides. Whatever comes out of this, you'll be surprised.

I love you, Mr. Jones.

Andy had no idea.

Next time you book time at Sunset, make sure it coincides with one of the staff's birthdays.

Another Joe Cocker re-enactment.

Photos courtesy of W.P. Canzoneri, whom nobody took any photos of, and may not be reproduced without the express written consent of Major League Baseball. That's right - Will may not be reproduced (the photos are like, whatever).


Andy said...

Cool pics Will.

dgafla said...

nice photos!