28 August 2007

So, if you missed it, we had a kinda-show Sunday at the aforementioned Fuck Yeah Fest. "Kinda" because our main Darker-My-Dude Tim Presley (last seen plowing his junkyard convertible into the Old Old Spaghetti Factory) was gettin' all IV'd up - that is, in the hospital - and missed the show. Pretty rock n roll, right? As the story goes, Jared thought it would be really funny if he put a fucking rattlesnake in Tim's bathtub (where/why/how did he get a rattlesnake in the first place?). Well, turns out, it was really funny, because Tim's brushing his teeth in the morning (of the show) and next thing you know, said rattlesnake's sunk its cruel fangs into Tim's foot. Tony hears some pained yelp-cursing from the next room, finds Tim slumped on the floor, bleeding out of three new orifices on his foot (or, pedifices), and the snake coiled above the bathroom mirror. Rest-of-long-story short, Tim's in the hospital all day getting de-venomized, and we're getting periodic updates from Tony, who seemed to be at Wendy's through most of this. After trying in vain to move our 8:00 set time, we erected what turned out to be our little Tim Presley Memorial gear-pile and bullshat our way through 3 prolonged song-jams, hoping that Tim would make a dramatic wheelchair-bound mid-set James Brown-style entrance. But he didn't.

So we rose to the occasion and it was alright and everybody got to overplay to fill the void and Rob got to sing ballsy leads and Will got to make up harmonious non-lyrics and Tim never showed up and then we stopped.

But in all seriousness, it wasn't a snake. It was a spider, and that's much less exciting. But it's close enough. Then again, maybe the story should just be that he was poisoned. Because it's true.


Anonymous said...

Gee Jared, we thought we raised you better than that. Then again, we didn't think you lit the firecracker at the middle school dance.

Anonymous said...

It was actually the rattlesnake that put a poisonous Jared in Tim's bathtub.