26 December 2008

for your viewing pleasure: live at Amoeba

Another nugget from the recent-history vault! This was/is our lil in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, back on October 2, capturing that very brief (and bleary) moment between the Dandy Warhols tour and our trip to London. If memory serves me right - and according to the video, it does - we got an early start that day. Many thanks to everybody at Amoeba for doing such a damned incredible job with this. I suspect they cut the "throngs of adoring shoppers" footage from the Paul McCartney in-store. So, yeah, thanks.

The performance:

and the interview:

and also a photo gallery.

So watch this for a few days, and come back for more while-we-were-out media.

happy holidays,
the dudes


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Thank you for posting and sharing!!

Nick Z. said...

You guys RULE live.

Great in-store!

malia said...

Did anyone else notice how lovely Tim's skin looks? Is there a Barbara Streisand filter being used here? I was so mesmerized, I didn't even notice how you said Jared does your oil projections. (oh, snap)