17 December 2008

L.A. by sunrise

We just passed the first highway sign for LA. So close we can smell it. Yet even though this is the prize we've had our eyes on for the last 5 weeks, cold feet's creepin' in. Not sitting in this van for hours for the first time tomorrow will be jarring, and the compulsion to go to a club around 5 and set shit up will surely be deafening. Tour withdrawal. Weird.

Also, the Strangelove stickers finally came in. Here's one we plastered on a backstage wall, which is the most surefire way to ensure your band will stand the test of time. Email us your checking account info and we'll probably put one aside for ya.


Anonymous said...

Excellent show at the Casbah last night. BTW what was the title of the 3rd song in? A new one to me.
Loved the Lumerians too. Peace.

Darker My Dudes said...

twas a new song. internally code-named "18th street shuffle."

Anonymous said...

A nice addition to the repertoire. Enjoy your well earned Christmas break guys.

Geoff said...

The "Big Lick" sticker on that Do Not Enter sign in Holliston is still there. Rob knows what I am talking about!