14 April 2009

So! Lots of catching up to do here. Did Glasgow, did Manchester, did Leeds, did Oxford, did Birmingham, did London. All fully righteous and well, as follows:
Shopped, sat in bus traffic, carried gear up/down multiple flights of stairs, ran into Americans, shopped some more, went to Nottingham Castle only to find out it's been destroyed, drank in several self-proclaimed "oldest pub(s) in England," heard second- and third-hand that all the 90's rock royalty in Oxford was at our show, shopped again, ate Sunday roast, played some live rock concerts, and finally shipped out to France from those white cliffs of Dover. UK in a nutshell.

Market in Leeds

Collected every sauce known to man too. Only in medieval England.

Then, Paris. They speak French there. Tim spoke Spanish, mostly. We played in what was either an old wine cellar or part of a tunnel hundreds of years ago, and it was good. We were lucky enough to have a day off the next day, so we walked a good more-or-less 50 miles from our quaint old very-French hotel to the Notre-Dame cathedral down the Seine to the Eiffel Tower. Which was closed. No joke.

morning in Paris


While Andy's back in SF being our Brian Wilson, we were lucky enough to snag Mad Dog Jim Crook of Atlanta's own All the Saints to drum on this tour (shout out to Matt and Titus). So, in case you were wondering who that guy is, that's him.

sending fresh love from the old country,
the dudes

p.s. photos by Jared!


shoegazing cat said...

I love the photo at notre dame =) I arrived too late at your show in paris, I was so disappointed =(
I hope to see you soon in paris

Anonymous said...

I told you all that fancy stuff on 'Hair Decisions' would send someone the way of Brian Wilson. Didn't expect it to be Andy!
See you back in So Cal soon. We need warming up.

Dagger Heart Rush said...

Yes yes yes! Looking forward to a foggy rainy gig in ye ole London town..