03 April 2009

Two sides to every Dublin story

Here's what preceded the Jared/Will whisperfest. Our precious jetlag slumber, unattainable, forced us (Jared + Will) out to sightsee at the crack o' dawn. There's a rather loquacious bearded one providing the soundtrack for this under the bunk at right.

Ate free hostel muesli, drank free hostel Nescafe out of somebody else's dirty cups, then did the usual tourist stuff. Those medieval cathedrals wanna get paid to let you walk inside, so we cut up to the River Liffey that traverses the city, which makes the Los Angeles River look like the goddamn River of Love or something. Its riverbed is a graveyard for any and all type of wheeled apparati: adult bikes, kid bikes, shopping carts, wheelchairs, oxygen tank scooters, tires, more kid bikes, you name it. Makes you wonder who's throwing children's bikes over a steep ledge into a river. It's unwheell! (ha ha, ho ho)

This, of course, is also where the adjacent St. James's Gate Brewery, home of Guinness, gets its water (or so goes the urban legend). Did the brewery tour, in which we discovered that roasted barley is a great snack, and that we can probably make Guiness in a french press at home, given the availability of the choicest of hops.

And oh yeah, good show too.

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dick smobey said...

Rob, keeping the rhythm, with fuzz even, even in his sleep!