09 June 2009

June Bloom

Maybe you are or were or were thinking about wondering what we’ve been up to. Well...

We got back from Europe and were summarily (and mercifully) booted from our dungeonesque practice space on Walk-of-Fame Hollywood Blvd. Practicing there always inevitably meant that any band practice involved either 30-minutes-to-an-hour of circling the streets surrounding the rapidly-overgrowing Hollywood & Vine, or giving up after a few laps and paying 10 bucks to park in a garage 3 blocks away. Never a good way to start the creative process. And it always meant encountering bona fide freakshit out front on the boulevard, over the stars of Jayne Mansfield and Elizabeth Taylor. Like the time a roving panhandler approached us, and after being spurned, none other than an off-duty Superman - that’s right, Superman - walking the other way half a block down, turned around, walked back to said panhandler and made a strikingly firm coin deposit in his hand. And in that exchange, Superman seemed to telepathically impart something powerful, via a solid two seconds of searing eye contact. Then he walked down to Combo’s Pizzeria, sat down outside, and smoked a cigarette. I guess Superman’s never really off duty.

So we left that place and are now shacked up downtown in trucker town, in the same building we conceived the last record. It’s a place with good energy, and this time we have a big window and a sweet view of the downtown skyline, over the LA River and its railroad tracks. We’re in there right now writing, and the juices are really, for lack of a better word, flowing. So far we’ve got a solid handful-plus of songs down, with plenty more half-songs, and if there’s one thing to report, it’s that distortion has yet to make an appearance. With, of course, the exception of Tim’s blistering buzzsaw chainsaw sawmill buzzcut solos.

And that’s that. We’re going into the studio tomorrow to record a few other songs for various split 7”s, and then hopefully we’ll be recording the next record by the end of the summer. Keep in touch.


tristan ellis said...

ha! buzzcut

Anonymous said...

Excellent news all round. Don't forget to come out of your hidey-hole and play the new songs for us!