17 June 2009

Studio Tan

Hellz yeah, no kiddin’, that’s right, as promised, we hit the studio and cut some track last week. 3 songs in 3 days. Just like they used to do in the old days! Also just like they used to do when they were on a real tight budget. Apparently they still do it that way. Anyway.

We got some real exciting seven-inch plans for these, all of the split variety. Which means, go ‘head and notch out some space in your collection for three more pieces of vinyl.

One of these is a cover of a 13th Floor Elevators song called “She Lives (In a Time of Her Own),” from the Easter Everywhere record. We’re hoping it’ll come out on a split with another pretty first-rate band (ahem) doing a different Roky cover. Turned out pretty smokin’.

Then there’s a song of ours called “A Lovely Game” (once a tentative title, and perhaps still so, but probably the eventual title by default), which we’ve been kicking around for about a year now. Played it live a lot last year, so if you saw us round then, you’ve probably heard it, albeit way too fast. Planning on putting that out as a split with our buds All the Saints. I wonder if they’ve recorded anything yet. Shit.

Song number 3 is for the I Hate Rock N Roll corporate empire, the braintrust behind the release of 2007’s “Hair Decisions” 12” split with Moccasin. We’re doing this split with Audacity, who might be the best band going in L.A. now, even though they’re from Fullterton or something. So we’re covering one of their songs, and we’re covering one of theirs. Neat, huh? Buy it, because we still haven’t recouped on that other split, and the man’s really breathing down our neck. Kind of an indentured servitude situation. Proceeds go to a fucking great cause.

And oh yeah, we got Bob Mustachio from The Warlocks to play drums on these too. We were all kinda starstruck most the time. Pretty amazing.

So who knows when this stuff’s gonna come out. Later this summer, I guess, if we can all keep it together until then. We being makind. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. In the meantime, look, it’s us:

We'd just gotten the bad news. Rob was particularly distraught.
Our old (I mean, young!) photographress/band mother Malia came back from this band she went and joined and took these! She's good to have around.


Anonymous said...

Any chance the splits will be released digitally on iTunes or something like that?

Oh, and you guys killed at Music Hall of Williamsburg this past spring, can't wait for the new stuff.

Alfie Cruz said...

Hey guys,

My ame is Alfie Cruz I'm the creator and on of the writers for the Abalog War Cry effects/gear/music site. Both my partner and I have really dug your music ever since you landed. We've like to feature you guys in one of our Arti/Band Spotlights on Analog War Cry if you guys are up for it. It's pretty simple: We do a Q&A about the music, song writing, you guys, the gear you use, your sound, etc... We leave it up to you guys to answer whichever ones you'd like. We actually did Bobby of the Warlocks a few months back and our next band featured is Spindrift. You can shoot me an email back and let me know what you think.

Here's a little info on the site:

Analog War Cry's main focus is to keep players and listeners informed on all the killer indie, underground, boutique, and one-man operations building us the kickass gear available today. We also like to inform our readers about our favorite bands and musicans. The site consists of well researched gear articles and reviews, news/updates, links/resources, interviews, podcasts, monthly gear picks, artist/band spotlights, gear giveaways and contests, and soon we'll also be featuring studio quality audio demos and HD quality demo vids. We have some great people sponsoring the site, spreading the word and keeping us informed on their products. This has made AWC a great source for information and a killer place for discovering new, unique, and quality gear (check it out if you're gear freaks, I promise you'll discover some really kickass stuff).

I had no other place to contact you so I hope this was cool. You can shoot me an email at the email address below. Hope to hear from you soon and hope to have you on board.

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