01 July 2009


Shoot a little (or a lot) of light over this way. Jeff is many things to us - he runs our label, Dangerbird, manages us, and is a great guy with an even greater family, to boot. For those of you unaware, last May, his son Pablo was diagnosed with a form of children’s cancer called Wilm’s tumor. They’ve been on an epic journey since then - in and out of chemo, in and out of the proverbial woods, but punctuated throughout with a whole lotta living. Jeff and his family chronicled every step of the way on the Pablog (really, click on it, read it), and in the process, Pablo reached and inspired countless people far beyond the confines of L.A. in a very real way, us included. Sadly, Pablo moved on to a higher place on Saturday, six days after his sixth birthday. They could use your brightest thoughts right now.

Along the way, Jeff and Jo Ann started the Pablove Foundation, and have raised a lot of awareness and money for children’s cancer. If you’re so inclined, please consider a donation. And if not - and even if so - then hey, get out there and donate some love to the greater good. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Sleep peacefully Pablo. Just listened to 'Two Ways Out' from the KCRW set that was dedicated to you.