03 August 2009

Record Release Day Redux

That's right: 2 days shy of the first anniversary of its release in the U.S., 2 is, as of today, finally out in the UK! Anything beyond a year, I think, technically would qualify it as a reissue, so, having squeaked in just shy of that deadline, our record can thankfully still be called brand-new. Which means if you're in the UK, either head down to your favourite neighbourhood purveyor of plastic discs and trade in your £££-age for a copy of our record, or, y'know, if you're in some kind of a rush, you can always do iTunes/ Play.com/Amazon/HMV/Tesco/7Digital. If you want the coveted vinyl edition, you'll have to come to come see us this fall and get it from us, cos that's the only place you'll find it. Clever ploy, no?

As for the rest of Europe, your time will come next week, on August 12! Perhaps we'll remind you when that day comes.

fondest regards,
the dudes

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