06 August 2009

F Yeah Fest

We're making both our return to the stage (after almost 5 months!) and our return to the F Yeah Fest (after a one-year hiatus) on Sept. 5, here in L.A. Last year notwithstanding, it's kindof an annual tradition for us. Last time we played it, you'll recall, we played without Tim, who was in the hospital because he got bit on the foot by a rattlesnake in his bathroom, or something like that. Some friends we are. Somehow that turned out to be a really good show though, probably because we just jammed for 20 minutes and split. Tim would go on to make a partial recovery, and still requires the use of a cane.

But that was back when it was on the streets of Echo Park, spread out between 4 different venues along Sunset Blvd. This year, it's a) renamed something weird and awkward, so we'll keep calling it the F Yeah Fest, at least in mixed company, and b) down in that big patch of grass and dirt next to Chinatown, which is apparently a state park, which is at the risk of closure, thanks to the Governator, although I don't know how you can shut down a big patch of grass and dirt. Our pals Sean and Phil and Keith, who put this on, are bringing a lotta needed attention to this gnarly aspect of California's ongoing going-out-of-business sale, as well as putting a charitable twist on it. It'll be more of a proper festival this time, and possibly maybe even more fun than it always has been. Quite a lineup, too.

Most exciting, though: all the new songs we're gonna play. We're psyched.

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