18 August 2010

Fingerprints / Long Beach tonight

If you're coming to Fingerprints in Long Beach tonight for our in-store, note that you have to call the store to be added to the RSVP guest list at (562) 433-4996. Otherwise they won't let you in. We play at 7:30 or so. Then we drive to San Francisco.

p.s. Last night was ahhh-mazing. Thanks to everyone that came to the Bootleg. It made us feel good.


Anonymous said...

DML is the best band in LA. Sorry i missed your Spaceland residency a few years back. Last night made up for it. Great show!

Patrick said...

East Coast shows???? . . . Philly!

Terri said...

And New York, please.

Dennis @ Fingerprints said...

To all that missed it...DML was stellar at our Fingerpints in-store last night!!!!! Tim/Al Bud/Jared/Will/Dan...thanks for taking time to share yer art with our humble LB crowd...we await your return...and..fer gosh sakes...use those flight cases..if only to send pix from Bondi Beach!

Anonymous said...

Can only echo the above. Really excellent show at the Bootleg.
Good luck with the album. The sound texture on the vinyl is just fantastic.

Phaxanation said...

I just read this on the Wikipedia article for the album "2"

Bassist/vocalist Rob Barbato reportedly compulsively consumed two tablespoons of apple sauce between vocal takes on the song "Two Ways Out."

What in the world? Which one of you is editing that article?