05 August 2010

revised calendar of events

Tuesday August 17 / L.A. / Bootleg Theatre (with Wounded Lion and My Pet Saddle
Wednesday August 18 / Long Beach / Fingerprints in-store / 7 p.m.
Thursday August 19 / San Francisco / The Independent
Friday August 20 / Berkeley / Rasputin Music in-store / 6 p.m.

Attend all 4 and get a free copy of our new record! Yeah!

1 comment:

Terri said...

I am in NY. I can't make it to these, and I have your new record on pre-order anyway :-) BUT, are you guys gonna play in NYC in the fall to support Alive As You Are (which I LOVE, by the way)? Cheers, love & support, Terri
ps~ Tim, I just bought White Fence. WOW. I can't stop listening or talking about it to my friends!