07 December 2010

DML on TV!

Hey, guess what, we're gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Monday! December 13. We're taking bets on who else is gonna be on. It's probably online, but we haven't googled it yet, so speculate away. Anyway, here's the deal. We're playing two songs. One of them is the Christmas song that we mentioned that you can get from Target. The other one'll be from our record. It'll be all festive and what not, and hey, it's our late-night national television debut, and that's pretty sick.

IF YOU WANT TICKETS: click on Jimmy. Do it. They're free. 'Twould be rad to see friendly faces there, and hey, maybe the back of your head'll get on TV too!


Anonymous said...

Nice! but may have been useful to get national TV exposure BEFORE the tour!!
Hopefully it means you have to get out here again to capitalize on your new found fame!

Tanqueray77 said...

Yes. Please come to Portland asap. Thanks and much love, of course. Can't wait for the broadcast debut!

Terri said...

Kimmel is filmed in LA, I'm in NY, boooo. I will be watching, tho, on the telly, thanks for the heads up! Love, Terri