14 December 2010


Remember when we were on TV last night? Well, this is what it looked like. Watch Rob courageously fight off a cold while playing our Christmas song for the first time ever:

Approximately .06 seconds of our "actual" song "Backseat" made it on air, presumably because Rachael Ray decided to prepare her burgers medium well instead of the searing Jimmy requested. Which is a bummer, because here that is:

p.s. That's our buddy Dan Iead on pedal steel, whom you might've seen playing on the tour we just finished while Jared was in the studio making our next record for us. Also congratulations to The Fling, Emily Sills, and Reed and Stacy from Dangerbird for getting their faces on TV. I'm sure their respective families are proud.
p.p.s. Yes, we-reoriented the album cover 90°. Looks better, yah?


BECKS said...

haha i was just about to point out how much i love the fact he's holding it the wrong way round. nice // amazing // awesome // rad tunes guys!

Terri said...

Tim looks really cute the way he stands & holds his guitar. And he looks less tired here than when you guys were on tour.

Anonymous said...

Been catching you guys around LA since '05 and it was a kick in the head to see yawl on live TV. Keep those killer tunes coming. People out there in the dark are rooting for you.

Phaxanation said...

I drove out to LA from Pomona in the hopes of catching you guys since I had tickets, but when I got there the doorman said the building was at capacity....traffic on the 101.


Anyways, good performance dudes.

Ron said...

I happened to catch the show last nite while wrapping presents. I think you're my new favorite band. Love the pedal steel.