05 May 2008

Eyes feel so comfortable

Well. Everything’s kinda kicking into high gear now - or at least the non-musical part of releasing an album is. You’ll be thrilled to know that yes, Virginia, we will have stickers, we will have buttons, we will have window clings for your local record-store-that-you’re-not-gonna-go-to-anyway, and yes, we will have assorted DML-themed tchotchkes, all for your stockings. More practically, the album itself will be a wonder to behold. There will be a compact disc pressing, complete with artwork and songs, that you can buy, and/or if you’re so inclined, there will also be a really really nice 18,546-gram vinyl pressing, double-LP-style, with a sick-ass bonus track. And then there are also some 7”’s in the works. So there.

We know we should really write on here more often, and put up the occasional non-business post, y’know, like where we make political endorsements and publish a weekend what’s-up-in-LA-and/or-SF calendar and talk about baseball and girls and recount tales of promoters fucking us over. We know. But that’s gonna have to wait:

Our “official” website is now darkermylovemusic.com. You can look at it if you want, but for now, it’ll only take you our glorious MySpace page. I guess the assclown that’s parked at darkermylove.com wants an actual treasure chest in exchange for his booty, and don’t even ask about our old official website, which evidently was snatched up after we stopped paying for it (and whose URL we will not provide here, but which you’re welcome to seek out at your own peril. totally NSFW).

Let’s see, what else. We burrowed ourselves in a studio for a whole week and got better at playing our own songs, and threw a Charlie O’s gig in the middle. You should check out videothing.com for a recap of said gig (just ignore the part where we’re actually playing, thanks). This guy’s managed somehow to document pretty much our entire year so far. I don’t think we’ve played a single show without Crystal Antlers this year. But hey, the odds are pretty good that’ll happen when they play 5 shows a night. And here’s to many more with those sweethearts.

So then we made a music video. Like, a real one. It's for our first single "Two Ways Out." This boy wonder Toben Seymour did it. As you can see, the video will be a 3-1/2-minute paraphrasing of Eraserhead.

Which leaves only shows and such:

Thursday June 5. Troubadour. West Hollywood. with the Black Angels.
Saturday July 26. Capitol Hill Block Party, at Neumo’s. Seattle.
and then...
Saturday September 13. Monolith Festival. Red Rocks. That’s in Colorado.

Look out for a flurry of shows preceding and surrounding the release. In other words, keep your Julys and Augusts open.

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