28 May 2008


After what seems like years of being bound by a non-disclosure agreement, the veil has been lifted, and boy, we do we have some shows for yez!

We're calling it a West Coast Residency, which means we're doing simultaneous weekly LA-and-SF shows. All this leading up to/surrounding the release of 2 on August 5. It's a fine record, and this'll be your first chance (assuming you haven't seen us in, like, the last 2 years) to hear these (to borrow some adjectives from our label) swirling, polychromatic, reverb-drenched, pounding, stratosphere-scraping new jams. Huzzah!

The best part, as far as you're concerned, is this: Each fan/companion/rote concertgoer will receive a limited edition 7-inch - different one each week! collect em all! - as well as the opportunity to pre-order the LP for a rad discounted price. The dual-city onslaught will culminate with back-to-back album release shows at SF's The Independent on August 5th and LA's Troubadour on the 7th, where said attendees will receive a copy of the album just for buying a cheap-ass $9.99 ticket!

So we're real excited bout all this. In fact, the wait is killing us. Literally. I think they call this lead-in time or something in the biz, but to us it's more like detention. House arrest. Anyway. First, Andy, then the shows...

photo by Tim Presley

Thursday June 5. LA. Troubadour.
                with the Black Angels.
Thursday July 17. SF. Popscene
Friday July 18. LA. The Echo.
                with Crystal Antlers. FREE!
Thursday July 24. SF. Rickshaw Stop. FREE!
                with Mammatus, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound. FREE!
Friday July 25. LA. The Echo.
                with Fool's Gold. FREE!
Saturday July 26. Seattle. Capitol Hill Block Party, at Neumo’s
Tuesday August 5. SF. The Independent.
                with The Lumerians, Eulogies
Thursday August 7. LA. Troubadour.
                with Eulogies, Amnion, John Webster Johns
Saturday September 13. Red Rocks. Monolith Festival


Anonymous said...

how about coming back??



Anonymous said...

Two things.
1) All ages show anywhere?
2) San Diego is on the west Coast too.....

b.c. said...

Gah! Huge fan in Oregon here...and I sure would like to have those 7"s, but obviously can't get down to L.A. and S.F. for any of the shows, much less all six.

Is there any option for me? Help Darker My Dudes!

radioman18 said...

love Ur band... i have a blog to go to http://radioman18-thescoop.blogspot.com

radioman18 said...

also... will u ever come 2 Minnesota cuz if u do... is there any all ages?

Darker My Dudes said...

1. Chicago and Minneapolis: see you in September. Details forthcoming.
2. The Rickshaw Stop show on the 24th in SF and the Troubadour on August 7 in LA are both all ages.
3. We'll make a point of saving some of those 7"s for the gray market.

the dudes