08 July 2008

some things, Tuesday edition

Good morning. I'm assuming it's morning when you're reading this. If it's not, come back when it is.

Just a couple updates:

Just noticed that we somehow never got around to mentioning this... We recorded a cover of Lee Hazelwood’s (via the voice of Sanford Clark) “The Fool” back in February for this neat lil promotion by shoe-people PF Flyers. The concept was a buncha Dangerbird artists record songs from 1956 to commemorate the reissue of those sweet-ass ’56 Bob Cousy kicks. So we did this song, knocked it out in a day, and got one Bob Mustachio (of The Warlocks) to pitch in too, since it was a Sunday and, y’know, it was an excuse to get out of the house. Also, FYI, BTW, CMYK: “The Fool” is the first song Lee Hazelwood ever wrote, or something like that. And, of course, the last song was “Claws & Paws.” Alright alright, go get it here.

Here’s Rob at Tim’s birthday soiree, reflecting the too-prevalent misconception that Rob is Tim. This outta confuse things even more.

photo by W.P. Canzoneri

You may have noticed our ¡¡¡NEW VIDEO!!! over there on the right in our patent-pending Blogspot Video Bar™. Assuming it hasn't been removed. It's called "This Song's History, Dude."

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