11 July 2008

vote for us, etc.

So! We’re up for this Yahoo Music thing. It’s either called Users’ Choice or Who’s Next? or both or something like that. We normally don't endorse competition between bands and contests and Contest Bands and all that, but hey, if we beat Dr. Dog and The Duke Spirit and The Airborne Toxic Event, it makes us look really good, which means there is a better chance we will come to your town and rip the jams and hang out with y'all. So please kindly click this huge Yahoo link below and vote vote vote for Das Dudes!

Also! Our friend and mentor John Webster Johns has really really really sadly had to bail on the Troubadour show on August 7. It was sure gonna be something else, but now you'll never get to see it. BUT, the silver lining is that we done got our also-friends Tweak Bird to fill the void. And remember, for $9.99 you get to see not only us dudes and Eulogies and Amnion and Tweak Bird, but you also get a copy of our new CD 2!!!

Finally, Nylon Magazine has one of the more interesting blurbs on us thus far. This comes on the heels of the fashion spread we did for them last year.


S said...

Yeah, I was going to say "you guys were in Nylon last year?! How did I miss that?!"
But apparently I didn't.

Consider yourself voted for thrice up here in Toronto as I made my friends vote as well!

Anonymous said...

You got my vote too. I saw the Duke Spirit last week. Good, but 4 songs short of a killer set. You guys have never had that problem.

Jackson J Motherfuckin' Edge said...

Okay I voted for you cats a dime's worth of times, and I live in Oklahoma City, OK. Bummer for promising to roll out if you win brahs.