29 July 2008


Oh, shit. We never posted, like, any information whatsoever about our album. Since there's still ONE WEEK until this piece "drops," here tis:

Dangerbird Records
Release Date: 5 August 2008

1 Northern Soul
2 Blue Day
3 Two Ways Out
4 Pale Sun
5 White Composition
6 Add One To the Other One
7 Even In Your Lightest Day
8 All the Hurry & Wait
9 Waves
10 Talking Words
11 Immediate Undertaking

If you wanna know more, then maybe you should suck it up and buy it. There's lotsa text in there, including essays by Jon Landau, David Leaf, and Peter Buck*. But that's just the CD version. Pre-order that one here.

On the other hand, the vinyl release is totally different. Different sequence, different feel (it's like 180 grams and a double gatefold heavier), and a bonus track called "Pharoah Sanders' Tomb." Get it here. And with both the CD and LP, you get a free 7". Of course.

How bored are your ears? Like, what do you do once you've memorized Tha Carter III? Well. Thru this Thursday, you can listen to our whole-ass album on MySpace. So go, listen to it, think about it, try to decipher the lyrics, smoke weed, party, eat, cry, think, work, or even party. Send it airmail or something.

* factually incorrect. but you get the point. or do you?


Anonymous said...

Sounds superb on the Myspace sampling. Got the vinyl on order.
See you on the 7th at the Troub.

S said...

Holy effing hell...magnificent. This album is the bomb.

Zachary said...
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Zachary said...

absolutely amazing, but sadly mine arrived without the 7"...