13 September 2008

C, eh? N, eh? D, eh?

So we made it across the border. Whoops, eh? It involved a neverending drive in the pouring rain, from Chicago, with approximately one pit stop at approximately one South Side White Castle for approximately two Crave Cases, which is exactly sixty (60) burgers. Five (5) remain. No sleep, etc. You know the drill. We do.

This is Toronto. We haven't been able to shake that hyoooomid-ass front that's been following us all week. Montreal just so happens to be next. Did you know that?


katieknaub said...

hey hey
i was looking up some sites to get a little research on an upcoming article on you guys for prefix magazine, hopefully, and i came across this. it's so technologically advanced! geez. i work at the vic theatre in chicago and met you guys last night, i worked at the box office and was running around with beers in my hands. anyway, if you don't mind i'd like to write about you guys if i can. it was so nice meeting you and your show was fantastic! thanks for the new album, i love them both.
hope you made it across the borders...and good luck getting back.

S said...

Sleep or no sleep, you guys were thoroughly killer last night - seriously, seriously one of the best sets I've ever seen regardless of the Kool Haus' occasional sound issues (as someone who has attended like a billion shows there, rest assured that it's nothing new for them).
Have fun in Montreal today and hope you're back soon for a DML headliner gig!