09 September 2008

Let's burn down the cornfield

Figuratively. We're in Iowa, taking the scenic route. All the houses look like Monopoly houses, placed all scattershot on the board. Lotsa corn. The Indians called it "maize," you know, in case you never went through third grade. It's nice here.

Iowa City was very Monday night. A handful of denizens watched us practice. Wouldn'ta had it any other way. Drank a Leinenkluger or two. At least I think that's what it was called. The kinda shit beer that's best kept belovedly regional, like Yuengling. If only Schlitz had never gone national. It was our Big Jiggers show of this tour (see: 10/30/07). Every tour needs one.

Tonight, Minneapolis and the Dandys. Bye.

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