20 September 2008


Having a real good time here in Philadephia, home of our first substantial downtime of the tour. Yesterday featured:

Recording a real pretty set for YROCK on XPN...

Ten-ounce? Tenallis? Ten hours? Tinnitus?

Indulging in a Jim's cheesesteak or three...

... today found us at Drexel University for a fast 'n' loose acoustic set, and tonight, it's the Theatre of the Living Arts.

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newfaninbaltimore said...

Hey guys, just saw you and the dandys in philly and dc, and think you were really good. Put on a great show and really surprised those in the audience who weren't familiar with your music (like me) with your solid tunes and rocking performance. Anyway, I couldn't find a message board for your band anywhere so I'm hoping you can help me out with a setlist for either show (philly or dc) because I would love to hear those songs again. Thanks!