17 November 2008

remember London?

Alternate title: Jared Went To London and Brought Some of Us With Him.
This is what it looked like, in a blur.

with our diminutive friend Maceo. note that even the hot dog/ice cream trucks in England are Sprinters.

dude buys a pork pie. a later cause of great distress.

photos by Lil Willy, again.

Otherwise: we're in Seattle. Somebody (possibly Oakland underground hip-hop duo Zion I, we-think previous van occupants) harvested the nitro that makes the turbo boosters fire in our even-more-conspicuous 2008 model space shuttle/van - that is, the thing doesn't do hills - so we're on standby here getting it fixed. The good news is that, boy, this Priceline thing is no hoax! Next time you go on a vacation, throw all that "planning" to the wind and name-your-own-price hours before your reach your destination. Think low.

More from the road later.

1 comment:

Funda said...

Hey guys, I saw your show in London, when I was there for a short trip. It was awesome, loved Blue Day, great tune. Now I hear you'll be at the Mercury Lounge in December in NYC, I'll definitely be there, hope you play Blue Day! xxx