07 November 2008


It was Halloween. At the Natural History Museum. In one of those long halls filled with clearly-real animals in their natural habitats. And you know, I was really hoping someone/anyone out there wouldn't've biffed the golden opportunity to document us playing in front of those endless purple mountain-capped plains where the buffalo roam, dressed to the nine-ninety-nines as fast food, performing a little album called Nevermind in its wait-really?-holy-shit entirety. I thought maybe we could wow you, internet denizen, to kingdom come, where we'd live on our own planet together forever, with some sweet footy of us plowing through "Breed" or totally botching "Lithium" or some shit. But no, you'll probably never get to see Tim Presley as Transgendered French Fries curtly kicking Kurt Cobain off stage so he, not Kurdt, could sing "Come As You Are."

So instead, here's this picture of Jared playing the big Halloween Dance in your high school gym a long time ago:

(Courtesy the very sweet girl from our label who did take pictures.)

Next Halloween, we'll be playing, like, Promises Malibu, where we'll cover Vangelis's best and most underrated album, 1979's China. Man.

Or, if you prefer the Spiral cover more, I suppose we'd consider that. Oh well. Whatever. Nevermind.


Anonymous said...

I would have been there recording history if I could have got a ticket, although I would have been disappointed if your 'new tunes' turned out to be Nirvana covers.
Those guys were just too dirty for words.
Looking forward to the tour? See you at the end of it.

la-underground said...

too much traffic going south. we left at 7pm and got their last night.