28 November 2008

When Black Friday comes, I'm gonna wear no socks and shoes

You may have noticed the dearth of, like, good photos and videos and the like thus far on this tour. Well, that's because our tour mother/lightshow maven/hijink chronicler/band confidante Malia has ditched us for the greener pastures of the Marnie Stern minivan (and also because Tim keeps conveniently forgetting to take his digital camera out of the back of the van so we can do some more of those sweet-ass 3 a.m. hotel time-lapse videos). She will grace us with her toured-out-to-the-brink-of-a-breakdown self for 5 glorious nights on the east coast next week, which might just result in some professionally-produced media for this blog, as well as a shoulder for each of us to sob uncontrollably on.

In the meantime, she just posted a buncha, like, actual photos from ye olde Dandy Warhols tour. They're very good, not completely flattering, and totally entertaining. Please go look at them, right H E R E.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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KOKO said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving guys-
Thanks for sharing the pictures. They're awesome.

God Speed!