30 October 2008

Happy Hallows Eve Eve!

Tomorrow night's the big Halloween show at the Natural History Museum. We've been working on some new tunes, which you'd probably really like and probably already do, which we're gonna play, which would all be great if you could come, but I guess it's "sold out," even though it's free. More like maxed out. You can, however, listen to Indie 103 all day and all night to try to win tickets. Costumes required. By us.

Let's see... what else...

We've been lucky nuff to have our songs featured in a number of television programmes lately. So if you regularly watch hour-long cable TV dramas, and you thought you heard us, you're right. Good ear.

And don't forget about that tour. It's still happening. Those tour dates are still right over there. To the right. Please come to all the shows.

In the meantime, enjoy these:


Rob and an old friend. Taco John's. Nowhere, Kansas. Small world.

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