02 October 2008

Tour is over (for a few days)

You missed a real good time. We last mentioned our whereabouts in St. Louis; since then, we've seen Lawrence, Denver, Aspen, and Las Vegas. We made some money, we lost some. We've eaten at Waffle House, Taco John's, Taco Time, Chipotle, Breakfast King, Chomp's, Arby's, the Golden Nugget, and Aspen's finest pan-Asian food. We're pretty sure we met the mythical Dr. Gonzo in Aspen, and we swam with sharks in Vegas. Also, incidentally, saw a hugely disproportionate number of challenged folk in Vegas. And now we're back in sweltering Los Angeles. Tonight we play at Amoeba. 7 pm. Tomorrow we have our 5-day class reunion with the Dandys at the Wiltern; this time, as fans. 96 or so tears in our eyes. We miss em, and will continue to for a long time. Believe us when we tell you they're amazing people; our time together was far too short. Most of all, of course, many thanks to everybody that came to see us. We met a lotta 'mazin people.

The big news is that you may or may not have noticed that next week - Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday - we'll be in London. We're, in fact, playing exclusively in London, every night at a different club. Londoners be advised that every night'll be worth seeing, with a possible surprise or two mixed in. We're real psyched. It's our first time overseas... hopefully, the first of many.

the dudes


axylyn said...

saw you in lawrence, ks...you guys were incredible! have fun in london and can't wait until the next time you are close enough to the midwest to see you again :)

Kev Winter said...

Awesome cant wait!! Il be at the Bar fly show. I didn't expect to see you guys over hear just yet!!

Kev Winter said...
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E-Z said...

Caught the show on Tuesday at The Social. Really great. Make sure you come back this way soon.