15 October 2008

One tour down, another to go

Hallow again. We're back from a real boffo week in London - details/documentation later, for we are a bit jetlagged, which on this end of the journey means getting up really early and blogging. But oooooweeeeee, gotta mention the next big thing on the agenda, which is our first real US headlining tour. It starts Nov. 13 in San Francisco and snakes back around to the west coast in mid-December, and you can see all the dates right over there. To your right. We're really excited to be taking our, like, favorite band ever, Austin's own The Strange Boys with us, and there'll be a lotta other great us-picked bands in every town. So, yeah, we're doing this one our way, and we hope you like it.

miss you,
the dudes


kyran said...

Are you g's stopping in Vancouver B.C this time or what?!

Anonymous said...

you should play sacramento on your way up to portland

Alex said...

Hey I'm not exactly sure but i think my uncles band The Mood Swings my be on the bill with you guys at the 7th street entry