16 October 2008

this is what america looks like (part 1)

Hello, it's Will.  Turns out I took a heaping helping of photos on that tour we just finished, and now that they've been processed all old-timey-like and scanned in, I thought I'd share some of my favorites with yez. Since I don't wanna overwhelm with you, y'know, beauty n shit, I'll break it up into several rounds. Here's round 1. Color. Enjoy.

Day 1, Sparks, Nevada

Day 2, Utah

Day 3, Iowa

Day 4, Iowa. Still.

Madison, Wisconsin, 9/11

Turns out Courtney and Malia have something in common after all.

Room 307, The Inn at Lincoln Park

See below for video of this moment in time.

Colorado. The flat part.


shY said...

Those pictures are cool :D

smobey said...

once and for all; I did not bury my niece in my own backyard.

it doesn't matter how many times you ask. it will be the same answer.

go back to waiting for your inheritance.

elizabeth weinberg said...

dude is this with my 35mm??! so glad to see it back out on the road!