20 March 2009


So the story - the long version - goes like this: A while back, we dropped our name in one of those enter-to-win free-European-vacation sweepstakes boxes at Ralph's, and craziest thing - like, what are the odds, y'know? - we won! So all we had to do was figure out when to go, and that was when we noticed that A Place To Bury Strangers was touring Europe the first 2 weeks of April. Coincidence? Perhaps. So we decided to follow 'em around - after all, it's spring break for us, and Widespread Panic's not touring this year. But the kicker is that That Very Place To Bury Strangers actually took note of our travel plans, and asked us to play with them! Weird, wild stuff.

The short version is that we're finally going/coming to Europe, supporting A Place To Bury Strangers, and Dead Confederate will even be there too for some of it. Here:

Tue 3.31 Tue. Dublin, Ireland. Whelan's
Wed 4.1. Glasgow, UK. Stereo
Thur 4.2. Manchester, UK. Ruby Lounge
Fri 4.3. Leeds, UK. Cockpit
Sun 4.5. Birmingham, UK. Barfly
Mon 4.6. London, UK. Kings College
Tue 4.7. Paris, France. Mecanique Ondulatoire
Sat 4.11. Cologne, Germany. Werkstatt
Sun 4.12. Stuttgart, Germany. Universum
Mon 4.13. Zurich, Switzerland. Abart
Tue 4.14. Munich, Germany. 59:1
Wed 4.15. Berlin, Germany. Knaack Klub

Needless to say, we couldn't be more excited. This is something we've looked forward to from the day we started recording 2. Also, keep an eye on that gap in the middle... more shows to be announced!


Anonymous said...

friggin a!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to your booking guy! It's going to be a great tour. the audiences are going to be reamed with NME hipsters with the odd 45-year old balding Fall fan for good measure!
Have fun.

Fleur said...

no netherlands dammit!
cant you squeeze in a date... please :(

Darker My Dudes said...

Okay. For you, we will.

Fleur said...

I really hope you do,
I've heard great things about your live performances and besides that I'm just a big fan of the music, I've been listening to 2 pretty much non-stop the last couple months.
So I really hope you do.