30 March 2009

European Vacation: Day 1

We made it to Dublin. So far here, we've endured the misfortune of arriving at the precise moment that Dublin's cab drivers have elected to go on strike. Imagine that - flying into an international city and being greeted at the cab stand with "Taxi? There are no taxis." So we did the only possible thing we could, which was to take a bus into the city, and then walk an almost-comically grueling mile with our gear to our hotel. And then we did the only thing you're told to do when in Ireland, which is commece the steady, incessant consumption of Guiness. Which, of course, had the side effect of hastening our descent into an 18-hour slumber. Jetlag, y'know. Right now it's 3 pm here, and I'm doing this to bide my time until the sun goes down. Just wanna make it to sunset, and then I'll sleep. It's kinda silly flying into a city like this and not having it in you to do anything other than lie in bed... zzzzzzzzzz......

UPDATE: Didn't make it to sunset. But we all somehow simultaneously woke up around 9 pm and unanimously agreed we should adjourn to the pub across the street for, y'know, a few more pints, before resuming sleep.

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Anonymous said...

The only advice I can offer is to continue the consumption of unfeasibly large quantities of Guinness until your system reaches equilibrium. This will take either 4 days or 50 pints (whichever comes first).
Have fun.