26 March 2009

tour pics!

That tour we went on ended a few weeks ago. It was lots of fun. See?

The view from atop that tower.  You can see 6 states from there.  And also this.

Jared and Jerry


Here's Tim, going to work.


These Arms Are Snakes at The Polish Club in Poughkeepsie

Steve from These Arms Are Snakes, still performing.

Pat's sure welcomed us.

Featuring members of All The Saints, Darker My Love, Fool's Gold, and Marnie Stern (dog included)

Drove back from Philly to LA in 55 hours. Vicksburg, Mississippi: one of two stops we made...

... and this is the other one.

photos by W.P. Canzoneri


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love the tour pics almost as much as the tour itself!