21 December 2009

Europe: Days 16-31

And now, the exciting conclusion. I love you.

Day 16: In a parking lot.

Day 17: Backstage spread in Hamburg. Somebody cracked the seal.

Day 18: Polizei

Ferry no. 1, Baltic Sea

Day 19: Ghengis Will. Stockholm.

Day 20: Welcome to Norway

Day 21: Vega, Copenhagen

Day 22: Ferry no. 4. Gin Rummy 500 addiction commences.

Day 23: Official premature end-of-tour photo

Day 24: Low point. Munich hostel.

Brief respite

Day 25: Still in Munich

Getting a, y'know, closer look at Munich.

Day 26: Austrian Alps

(see above)

Day 27: Shit. Forgot to take any pictures.

Day 28: Berlin 2009

Brandenburg Gate


Day 29: Ready to leave.

Day 30: Windy. Calais, France.

Ferry no. 5. More rummy.

White Cliffs of Dover

Aboard the ferry: three busloads of British high school freshmen, captain, crew, us.

Day 31: Sleeping really hard. Then we went home.

photos by Will!


Angie said...

Looks like a great time! :)

The Revolutionary said...

Just found your blog via the "Blogs of Note" link. Great pictures of your European vacation. It kinds of reminds me of the time that some National Lampoon guy went to Europe and found wall-to-wall shenanigans.

Sophie said...


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Meet me Upstairs in the Great Beyond for a celebration of our resurrection where we'll have a kick-ass party till well after sundown. God bless.

hurricane heroes said...

Nice photo's you got there. is that day5 knight photo a real knight armor gear?..WOW..

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Funny but did enjoy!

You don't need to know my name said...

i adore the photography.

pariuri sportive said...

This is a very nice story and a god ideea of making photos.

Roshani said...

wish u a very happy new year.

The villager: said...

Great images.

A Good Moroccan said...

A remarkable collection of photographs...well done !

Montag said...

O.K. Originally I read

"Day 24: Low point.Munich hostel"


"Day 24: Low point.Munich hospice"

and was very conflicted about it all.


Gillian said...

You sure do get around. Love yer blog.

Waves from a Scots lass living in South africa.

isaac said...

Hi, you do have a flair for abstract photography haha!

Btw, how did u get selected to be blogger's blog of note for the day?

Hendrawan said...

I like photo of the day 18...

sarah toa said...

This is a fantastic diary. Well done Will and company! From Sarah

Oberon said...

...i invite you to join globalove think tank.


Lovely photography - kind of like a mix of arty and standard vacation photos - can't believe you actually played with White Lies though (not a massive fan but hey, it's still great!)
Happy this was a blog of note!


reils said...

love the austrian alps shot

Agnes said...

Loved this post. It reminded me of foreign movies in a strange way.

Vita said...

each photo is an art! love your blog!

Dan Pool said...

Awesome pictures :D
Looks like a fun adventure

The humorous rantings of Daniel Elliot Pool

pariuri online said...

This is a great blog to model mine after. I hope you don’t mind if i bookmark your site, so that i can easily find it again in the future. Cheers!