08 December 2009

us in the u.s.

Remember when we went on a tour with A Place To Bury Strangers and All the Saints? It was October. That was a long time ago. These should refresh your memory. Click to enlarge.

Day 1

Arthur Bryant's BBQ, Kansas City, Missouri

Sun Inn, Kansas City, Kansas

us and Nikki, at our favorite Cincinnati chili parlor

Time-Out Chicken N Biscuits, Chapel Hill

this place

the photo(s) Linda took

New Orleans

Jared Zapruder, on the grassy knoll

having a very, very good time in El Paso (official tour photo)

photos by will!


1WhoWishesToMuch said...

I think ya'll have such an old school, 'unpure' (goooood thing!!) sound.
i deff love it, and much respect.
The Music chills me out, its so good.
follow me?

el.escapo said...

man, such excellent photographs. pure rock and roll style.

love the music. keep it up.