11 December 2009

us in the u.s., again

Found a few more from our recent visit to the United States. Look!

waiting for Hog's Platter

called, no answer

that guy was a roadie for U2 and the Stones. it's true.

X marks the spot

our Texas tour guide

El Paso


jazzlamb said...

I love the photography. I don't know how intentional it is, but some compositions are really cool.

Alexandra. said...

Your pictures are really beautiful ;)

Wicked Shawn said...

How sad that your photos from Europe are so beautiful and the scenery is lovely, then there are the photos of the US. I think I took that tour of Texas....lol..was it in the back of a van???

Anonymous said...

Nobody in America believes that Europe exists. Now your photos will prove that it does. Do you still have that very fat girlfriend of yours?