02 December 2009

We have a merch store - and you can buy the new Darker My Love/Audacity Split 7" there now!

Remember back in June when we recorded a few songs for some 7 inches? Well, one of em is ready for the holiday season, and comes in 7 inches of stocking-stuffability.
Our dear friend Matzah at I Hate Rock N Roll has started a little series called "Under the Covers," in which two bands cover each other, and we get to grace Volume Numero Uno. Audacity might be the best band round these parts right now, and gotta say they really smoke us out of our hole with their rip-roarin' version of "Summer Is Here." Meanwhile, we laid track on their "Mr. Alvarez," and we're pretty pleased with the results. And the best part is: it's out now! This shit is super limited, as in, 300-copies limited, and we only get a handful of em! You can only hear it on wax, so hurry hurry hurry!

Which brings us to point number two:
We now finally have a MERCH STORE, like for real. We have a lotta stuff that you can buy, which we will personally ship to you. It's all sitting in the basement waiting for a loving home. And if you buy the new split, we'll throw in some stickers or buttons or something. So when you consider that your purchase as a gift for your loved one will directly go towards gifts for our loved ones, it's a real value added deal.

Happy December,


Tristan Ellis said...

are the songs on the 'summer is here maxi single' alternate versions?

Darker My Dudes said...

nope, same ones. just a cool thing to have.

Tristan said...

Rad, isnt there a alternate version of summer is here floating around somewhere?

Darker My Dudes said...

Well, there are live versions from the live cd's and there is a demo we did, which is pretty rad ...i'll see if we can find it and we'll post it here for download.

Kyle said...

While you're at it, dude(s), could you possibly post that demo of Post Mortem Post Boredom that was on your myspace way, way back? I used to have it but then my ipod died, the computer I'd saved it on died too, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

My stocking is not big enough to take a 7" and Santa can't be trusted so I just bought it for myself!
Oh, and post whatever demos you can find.