23 July 2007

Stage Fright...


You people are pissed that we don't do one of these everyday... well what can I say? We're busy. We just finished a week of recording at Sage and Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA....... now "the dudes" are going to work on some even newer songs and go into Sunset Sound the first week of august... time to kill, what a thrill, june and july....... so anyway... come to the show on Sunday, it's going to be great.............

Darker My Dudes

11 July 2007

Talking Words

So, as you can see below... we're recording a new record. We'll hopefully be done by the end of summer... we're playing a show with Dead Meadow, Entrance and Moonrats... on July 29th at the Ex Plex (below the Echo) for LA Record. So, other than that keep an eye out for upcoming shit.

10 July 2007

here is the information you requested, round one

In this series of photos, we are recording:

Yes, Buffy St. Marie also recorded here. Guess she didn't want the tapes.

There was that time Jared got his ass chewed the fuck out.

Still recording.

A facsimile of Jim Morrison's voice was once routed through a speaker on the other end of the room into these very microphones. Also, Michael McDonald.

In this series of photos, we are at a Dodger game. The Dodgers hit back-to-back-to-back home runs on as many pitches, and we spent a lotta money drinking and not publicly kissing Richard Lewis in the parking lot:

Finally, in this series of photos, we are at a recording studio, but are not recording:

* Will doesn't appear in any of these photos because he was probably untangling some cables or some shit.