28 November 2008

When Black Friday comes, I'm gonna wear no socks and shoes

You may have noticed the dearth of, like, good photos and videos and the like thus far on this tour. Well, that's because our tour mother/lightshow maven/hijink chronicler/band confidante Malia has ditched us for the greener pastures of the Marnie Stern minivan (and also because Tim keeps conveniently forgetting to take his digital camera out of the back of the van so we can do some more of those sweet-ass 3 a.m. hotel time-lapse videos). She will grace us with her toured-out-to-the-brink-of-a-breakdown self for 5 glorious nights on the east coast next week, which might just result in some professionally-produced media for this blog, as well as a shoulder for each of us to sob uncontrollably on.

In the meantime, she just posted a buncha, like, actual photos from ye olde Dandy Warhols tour. They're very good, not completely flattering, and totally entertaining. Please go look at them, right H E R E.

Happy Thanksgiving!

26 November 2008


Tonight's our 9th consecutive show. Columbus, Ohio. Tomorrow's the day, tonight's the night. Our one day off over the course of 5 weeks: tomorrow. We've spent the whole tour saving up for a nice bed and a full plate of food. Oh, and it's, like, Thanksgiving or something. A real happy one to you.

23 November 2008

20 November 2008

North Platte Redux

Last time we were in North Platte, Nebraska, (see 9/8/08 or so) we got lured into the Exit 177 Conoco, which billed itself has having the "best looking cashiers" (in addition to selling gun permits). It didn't. Well, now we're back. Some things never change. This time the very same (down to the attire) Korn-capped cashier agreed to be documented. So, we present The Best Looking Cashier in North Platte, Nebraska:

Then there was Amigos. Crispy Steak Burrito. Said the cashier (not as good-looking), re: burrito:
"You'll really feel it the next day."
So I got it.

19 November 2008

Strange Love: Two Bands, One Love

According to USA Today 2 days ago (or, USA 2 Days Ago), within the last 2 weeks, 55% of consumers say they've cut back markedly on spending. And of that 55%, 81% say they specifically are cutting back on concerts. Just in time for our tour.

So in light of the souring economy, and for your concertgoing convenience, we'd like to announce that for some/most/all/none of the rest of the tour, and most/not likely for years to come, we and The Strange Boys will be consolidating our sets into one exhilarating 9-man, 4-guitar, triple-lead vocal, dual-bass, dual-drum set. The name of this act will be called Strange Love. This will have a domino effect on costs, resulting in lower ticket prices, not to mention:
• No more boring downtime between sets.
• Less merch to buy.
• More eye candy.
• Better songs.

See you real soon!
Strange Love

17 November 2008

remember London?

Alternate title: Jared Went To London and Brought Some of Us With Him.
This is what it looked like, in a blur.

with our diminutive friend Maceo. note that even the hot dog/ice cream trucks in England are Sprinters.

dude buys a pork pie. a later cause of great distress.

photos by Lil Willy, again.

Otherwise: we're in Seattle. Somebody (possibly Oakland underground hip-hop duo Zion I, we-think previous van occupants) harvested the nitro that makes the turbo boosters fire in our even-more-conspicuous 2008 model space shuttle/van - that is, the thing doesn't do hills - so we're on standby here getting it fixed. The good news is that, boy, this Priceline thing is no hoax! Next time you go on a vacation, throw all that "planning" to the wind and name-your-own-price hours before your reach your destination. Think low.

More from the road later.

15 November 2008

It's 3 a.m. I must be lonely

So tour has started again. We played last night at The Independent in SF. It was a major bro-zone. Not only did The Strange Boys meet up to shed and shred queso all over the U.S. with us, but the Crystal Antlers were up in the bay recording their new long player. Anyway we're still driving to Portland. It's foggy...... and shitty. Oh, and our new book on CD isn't nearly as good as our last. IMO.

See you soon,

10 November 2008

wild wild life

Our travels allow us to see parts of our country most people never get to.

photos by W.P. Canzoneri

07 November 2008


It was Halloween. At the Natural History Museum. In one of those long halls filled with clearly-real animals in their natural habitats. And you know, I was really hoping someone/anyone out there wouldn't've biffed the golden opportunity to document us playing in front of those endless purple mountain-capped plains where the buffalo roam, dressed to the nine-ninety-nines as fast food, performing a little album called Nevermind in its wait-really?-holy-shit entirety. I thought maybe we could wow you, internet denizen, to kingdom come, where we'd live on our own planet together forever, with some sweet footy of us plowing through "Breed" or totally botching "Lithium" or some shit. But no, you'll probably never get to see Tim Presley as Transgendered French Fries curtly kicking Kurt Cobain off stage so he, not Kurdt, could sing "Come As You Are."

So instead, here's this picture of Jared playing the big Halloween Dance in your high school gym a long time ago:

(Courtesy the very sweet girl from our label who did take pictures.)

Next Halloween, we'll be playing, like, Promises Malibu, where we'll cover Vangelis's best and most underrated album, 1979's China. Man.

Or, if you prefer the Spiral cover more, I suppose we'd consider that. Oh well. Whatever. Nevermind.